Letter: Please think twice before you toss that litter

March 26, 2012

On Saturday, March 17, I was running along Route 216 in Highland. In a freak accident, a shard of broken beer bottle lodged itself in my right sole, and then proceeded to slice open my lower left leg when I took my next step.

Luckily, good Samaritans heard my cries for help; several drivers also stopped to help me stanch the bleeding. Although furious at the careless litterbugs who caused my injury, my faith was restored by these caring neighbors, as well as by the Clarksville-based EMTs, who treated me with professionalism and humor.

I doubt people who throw beer bottles out of their car windows really think about the repercussions of their actions. They don't think about a mother missing her child's performance, a husband having to take off work to care for an injured wife, a teacher missing lessons with her middle schoolers. And I am sure they don't think about the pain from multiple rows of stitches, the chance of infection, and the immobility caused by their careless actions.

Litter causes more than just a blight on the landscape; it causes pain and inconvenience to innocent citizens. Please think twice before tossing your trash in our neighborhoods.

Sarah Tokar


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