Maybe Bobby Zirkin should be an independent

March 25, 2012

Dan Rodricks' column "Maybe Bobby Zirkin should be a Republican" (March 20) really cracked me up. Between Mr. Rodricks' column and the editorial slant of The Sun, I am led to believe that if you don't completely agree in lockstep with the party line, then you are not a good Democrat.

I paid attention to this, and Sen. Bobby Zirkin said it best: One serving the people must not only be able to dissent against other political parties, but also within one's own. Not being able to do this doesn't serve those you were elected to represent.

I would like to say the Republican Party is better, but one only has to look at their leaders and political candidates. I doubt the Republican party would be at all appreciative of someone like Bobby Zirkin. So I propose that he join like-minded people of the opposite side of the aisle and form a third party that has those principles that established this system of government, which seemed to benefit the most people.

Michael W. Kohlman, Baltimore

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