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In 8th Congressional District, it's 'getting to know you'

Republicans hopefuls see opportunity with shift to unfamiliar Democratic seat

March 24, 2012|By Bob Allen

Alzona, a self-proclaimed Ron Paul disciple on domestic issues, did strike a slightly moderate stance on a few issues He opposes E-Verify and the notion of creating a national identity card for all citizens.

"That just reminds me of the Romans and their census," he added. "It's just something that's not right."

"I do have some differences with my colleagues," Alzona said. "I think my moderate view (on some issues) makes me more electable."

Alzona said if Republicans like himself can get elected in both the 8th District and adjoining 6th District, "we can work together and form a new power base. .... Carroll County will never have to kiss up to Washington or Annapolis again."

Congressman in Carroll

Van Hollen's visit to Carroll included a brisk meet-and-greet that took him to Carroll Community College, Westminster's Main Street and the Carroll Arts Center and Westminster's City Hall. After his hour or so in Sykesville, he was scheduled to take a similar looking and listening tour of Mount Airy.

At Warfield, his guides were Herman and Sykesville resident Carl Livesay, a local business consultant who is actively involved in recruiting tenants for the commerce center.

Warfield and its buildings were originally part of the Springfield Hospital Center, and in light of recent the federal Base Realignment and Closure program, known as BRAC, and in view of Warfield's location, almost midway between federal facilities at Fort Meade and Aberdeen, Herman and Livesay are trying to recruit federal agencies as tenants.

They saw Van Hollen's experience in Congress and his desire to learn the area, as a potential benefit to that effort.

"It's a case of first impressions," Van Hollen said of Warfield, "but I'm happy to look into this."

"I'm just here now to pick up on what the issues are," he said of the overall visit to Carroll. "I'm not officially representing the area yet. I'm just figuring out what the big ideas are, including economic development."

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