'The Vampire Diaries' recap: Episode 17, 'Break on Through'

  • L-R: Nina Dobrev as Elena and Paul Wesley as Stefan in 'Break on Through.'
L-R: Nina Dobrev as Elena and Paul Wesley as Stefan in 'Break… (Quantrell D.Colbert, The…)
March 23, 2012|By Lindsey McPherson

Alaric’s gone crazy, but I almost went crazy out of boredom from tonight’s "Vampire Diaries" episode.
The only promising moment was when it appeared Damon was going to have a threesome with Sage, a vampire from his past that returns this episode, and Rebekah. But it didn’t happen. Damon just hooked up with Rebekah and Sage came in after to read her mind.
Sage was trying to help Damon figure out what Rebekah was up to and they were successful. She learned Rebekah was trying to find out about a white oak tree that once existed in Mystic Falls. (The white oak is the only wood that can kill an original vampire.)
Because she’s in love with original vampire Finn and she learns from reading Damon’s mind that the originals are all linked, Sage betrays Damon and tells Rebekah where that the white oak was used to build the old Wickery Bridge, which was stripped off the bridge because it’s being restored.
Rebekah burns all the white oak wood from the bridge, thinking she’s saved her original brothers and her self from being able to be killed. But Damon is two steps ahead of her. He pretends to be upset about the burning of the wood and Sage’s betrayal, but he has the historical sign that was made of the wood from the bridge for the restoration.
In other news, Alaric really has a psycho alter ego that causes him to black out and try to kill founder’s council members. And apparently his psycho side doesn’t just go away when he’s not wearing the Gilbert ring, which is expected to have been the root cause of the problem.
Alaric tried to kill Meredith this episode, but Elena and Stefan came to her rescue. Before they did, they were in Alaric’s apartment where they found a hit list of founder’s council members and instructions for Jeremy to use the power of the ring to continue on Alaric’s work should he not be able to.
At the end of the episode, Bonnie returns to put a spell on Alaric to help qualm his murderer side.
Speaking of Bonnie, her mother Abby is struggling with her transition throughout the episode. So at the ends, she decides to do what deadbeat moms do best and run away.
Other highlights from the episode:
Best Damon Quote(s): Damon was a little off his game this episode, so I won’t even bother including one.
Best Words Used to Stick it to Someone: “He didn’t want to live. Not for you, not for anyone. He doesn’t love you Sage,” Damon says about Finn, who was the original sibling willing to sacrifice himself for Esther’s child-killing ceremony a few episodes back.
Best Moment of Insight: “Bonnie grew up with out a mom because you ran away once. But now you have eternity to make up for it and you’re just going to throw that away,” Caroline tells Abby, who responds: “She’s better off without me.” Then Caroline says, “No, she’s not. No one is better off without their parents.”
Most Romantic Moment: Stefan tells Elena that not everyone can be saved, and she says, “Are we talking about Alaric here, or are we talking about you? Because I wasn’t planning on giving up on either of you.” Then the two exchange a look of love and longing.
Best Quote to Summarize the Series: “No one just passes through Mystic Falls,” Damon tells Sage.

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