Rodricks has a double-standard on partisan loyalty

March 22, 2012

I was disappointed and, quite frankly, surprised to read Dan Rodricks' column in which he wrote that based upon his opposition to the tax increase, Senator Bobby Zirkin should switch political parties and become a Republican ("Bobby Zirkin: secret Republican?" March 20).

As a guest on Mr. Rodricks' radio program last year, I discussed my decision to support marriage equality and the fact that I was the only Republican senator to do so; support, I might add, that Mr. Rodricks applauded.

I find it surprising that Mr. Rodricks chose not to suggest that based upon my support of marriage equality that I should switch political parties and become a Democrat.

Since my decision to support marriage equality, there have been some who have indeed suggested I should leave the Republican Party and become a Democrat. Such an idea is ridiculous. I am a strong Republican who firmly believes in the Republican principles of personal and economic freedom.

Knowing him well, I can assure you that Senator Zirkin is a strong Democrat. He and I often disagree about issues that come before the state Senate. However, despite our political differences, I greatly respect Senator Zirkin for his willingness to look at the merits of each issue and do what he feels is best for his constituents and the citizens of Maryland regardless of the political consequences.

Allan H. Kittleman, Annapolis

The writer, a Republican, represents Howard County in the state Senate.

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