Pressure mounts for Anne Arundel police chief

March 22, 2012|By Peter Hermann

Pressure is mounting for Anne Arundel County Police Chief James E. Teare Sr.

Weeks after the county executive was indicted on charges he misused his office and ordered his police protective officers to help cover up affairs and liaisons, and help with election duties, the chief is now looking into the actions of his officers.

The move, described in a story by The Sun's Nicole Fuller, comes after the county council subpoenaed the chief to testify about how is department was run under the indicted executive, John R. Leopold.

It as come out that Leopold kept dossiers on his political enemies, and may have had police officers search criminal databases that are supposed to be accessed only during investigations and for legitimate law enforcement purposes.

The Maryland State Police turned down Teare's request because it may interfere with the investigation by the state prosecutor's office. The indictment alleges that officers complained about Leopold's conduct but that Teare never did anything.

The question now is whether it's too late.

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