Md. could use Blaine Young in Annapolis

March 21, 2012

Recently, Frederick County Board of Commissioners President Blaine Young announced an exploratory committee for a run as Maryland's governor. Many in our county could not be more pleased. Mr. Young has a long history in politics, and his accomplishments in Frederick County are manifold.

For instance, Frederick, like most counties, had a tremendous deficit. Much of our deficit was due to an overabundance of government positions and unnecessary or duplicate services. Salaries, benefits and retirement health care benefits constituted a tremendous amount of the shortfall. Our current county commissioners took on the task of trimming our government.

Once our county budget was in order, the board next created a business friendly environment. While other government officials push taxes and fees (especially at the state level), the commissioners eliminated or modified over 130 regulations. Excessive government costs and regulations hinder economic growth. Businesses in Frederick now have both knowledge and stability when dealing with government.

In the area of employee pensions and benefits, the commissioners accepted their commitment to employees and actually made the necessary payments to meet future obligations. Compare this to the state, which is trying to shift its costs to the counties for teachers because they have not responsibly made these payments over the years.

These actions, (coupled with many others) have resulted in a transformation from a deficit to a projected surplus of $29 million for 2012. That is correct — Frederick County has a projected surplus in such tough economic times and after only a short time in office.

Meanwhile, our state is looking at huge deficits, tremendous increases in taxes to all citizens, and adding more laws and regulations which only prove to hinder our populace rather than benefit our society. We have an opportunity for a new direction, one which respects current and future taxpayers and promotes vibrant and resilient communities. Please support Blaine Young and promote a new Maryland.

Farrell Keough, Frederick

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