Grateful for courageous Doonesbury strip

March 21, 2012

Unlike letter writer John Rutkowski ("Idiotic 'Doonesbury' strip on abortion insults readers," March 20), I applaud The Sun for having the courage to publish the Doonesbury comic strip dealing with what is certainly one of the most Draconian mandates ever suggested.

You can believe me when I say that thinking women who read your newspaper appreciated the exposure you gave to yet another pro-life (read Anti-Abortionist Republican) assault on women. Hopefully, Republicans will find that their "War on Women" and their hateful, intolerant, sanctimonious brand of "Christianity" has shot them in the foot when election day rolls around.

Thank you, Sun, for keeping women who want to think for themselves and maintain control of their own bodies informed and angry.

Dayle Dawes, Arnold

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