America rejoices: Peyton Manning job search ends!

March 20, 2012|By Kevin Cowherd | The Baltimore Sun

It's over, America. The breaking news alerts, the Twitter speculation wars, the aerial shots of the big guy being whisked from private jet to late-model, tinted-window SUV, the grainy photos of him meeting with the rich-guy NFL owner du jour -- all of it comes to a merciful end.

Yes, wonderful news: Peyton Manning has found a job. He'll quarterback the Denver Broncos next year. (That thumping sound you just heard was Tim Tebow being tossed out the back door of the Broncos' complex like the morning's trash.)

Tebowmania? That's so over in the Mile High City.

The big question today on blab radio and the talking-head shows: Did Manning land in the right place?

My answer: Any place where they pay you $95 mil for five years is the right place. And that's the sort of contract Manning's likely to command, according to those who know these things.

So, please, no more second-guessing about whether the league's only four-time MVP made the right move.

No dome in Denver? Harsh winters? A sketchy wide receiver corps for Manning to work with?

Manning doesn't care.

He landed a sweet deal. And the Broncos will hand over the keys to the offense, which is what any rational team would do for the best quarterback ever to play the game.

With Manning running their offense, the Broncos become instant contenders. And every opponent on their 2012 schedule -- including the Ravens -- has to worry and game-plan for him. 

But that's for down the road.

Right now, the good news is: America is held hostage no longer. Peyton Manning has found a job.

And we can all return to our regularly scheduled programming.

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