Letter: Former school board candidate urges support for Epps

Letter to the editor

March 19, 2012

I had a number of reasons for suspending my campaign for the District 1 seat on thePrince George's CountyBoard of Education. But high on that list is my regard for Zabrina Epps. After meeting her and talking with her at some length, I realized that we shared a similar vision for education, both the global, big-picture view of education, as well as what is needed at the local, classroom level. That includes a vision of a school system without barriers, infused with a culture of achievement and held to high standards of transparency and meaningful, two-way communication with families. Combined with her financial training and experience, it was a no-brainer for me: when I realized that even I would vote for her, I could not in good conscience continue to campaign.

Zabrina Epps has the passion for education reform, the financial experience and acumen needed in these times of economic uncertainty, and the maturity to collaborate effectively as a member of our county's Board of Education.

Zabrina is ready, willing and able to be our representative on the Board of Education. It is my hope that you are also ready, to vote for Zabrina Epps on April 3.

Mike McLaughlin


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