Dear Diary: Why I un-subscribed from Groupon

March 19, 2012|Gus G. Sentementes

Dear Diary,

Today, I unsubscribed from Groupon. I don't even remember the deal that popped into my email inbox that turned me off, and made me ask the metaphysical question to end all questions: Why, again, am I getting this?

Truth be told, I think I've bought one Groupon in my life. And that was to support a friend's restaurant business. But I never used the Groupon because I didn't want to take advantage of his attempts to rope in new customers. I was a loyal fan.

And here's where Groupon just didn't work for me. I like word-of-mouth when I look for goods and services I want to spend my money on. I don't like being pitched cut-rate deals -- it makes me skeptical. I'm of the age and of the means to pay a little bit more for a good product and a good service.

Groupon just isn't for me.

That doesn't mean I don't like a good deal. Heck, I have three kids and a mortgage. (Did Groupon ever send out deals on baby formula?) I am all about saving money any way I can.

But Groupon just hasn't fit into my lifestyle. My wife and I rarely get out to a nice restaurant to eat and have a glass of wine -- do you think I want to carry a coupon and take a risk on a place, just because I got a "deal" with a coupon? No way. I'll go with friends' recommendations (and maybe Yelp) first.

I wish no ill will on Groupon, of course. And, objectively, they seem to have a business model that's working on some level. I just don't think I fit into it.

And, not to pick on Groupon -- I'm not into Living Social, either. I'm just not a daily deals guy -- and again, I love the Internet and I love saving money. But there are other ways into my wallet that these companies have not figured out.

I guess I could write this about so many other web companies out there. And maybe I will. But for now, I'll keep this post about Groupon.

Thanks for listening, diary.

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