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'The Walking Dead' recap: Season finale, 'Beside The Dying Fire'

Blood on the Hyundai ...

March 18, 2012|By Andrew Conrad, aconrad@tribune.com

Creepiest zombie
The one with a balding pate who was wearing some weird striped shirt. It looked like he puked all over himself. His punishment for that party foul is that Andrea kicks his head to death.

Best zombie kill
Katana blade through the side of the head! Second place: Andrea bashes the living daylights out of some zombies' skull with the butt of a pistol and jabs the heck out of another ones visage with a little pocket knife/pliers tool that was probably made by Gerber. Honorable mention: Hershel is about to get feasted on and Rick blows this lady away with his Dirty Harry revolver; T-Dog runs over one in his baby blue Museum of Industry pick-up truck.

Death count
Zombies: So hard to tell with the burning barn, and all the bullets being sprayed around. In honor of tax season, let's go for a standard deduction of 60, and then we'll round up by three to end the season with a nice, round 150.

Humans: Two (Jimmy and Patricia), for 10 on the season.

150-10. Pretty good job, humans! Update: I went back and painstakingly watched the episode looking just for zombie kills. I didn't count it if a character just pulled the trigger, or if Hershel cold-cocked some fool with the butt of his rifle. I only counted confirmed, on-screen kills (headshot, massive traumatic damage, etc.) I came up with 50: 42 on the farm, one on the highway, seven in the woods. Assuming that at least ten of the firebombed zombies died, plus a few others here and there, I'm happy with the 150 figure, and I won't lose any sleep over it. I will, however, lose sleep over my massive, crippling debt, and the bleak state of the economy.

Lingering questions
What has become of Merle Dixon and the father-son team of Morgan and Duane Jones? Who was in that copter flying over Hot-lanta?

A look ahead to the next season
The band of survivors finds a prison; we meet Michonne (Danai Gurira), the katana-wielding femme fatale; Big Bad Merle Dixon makes his triumphant return, and a villainous character named The Governor terrorizes our group.

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