Rodricks is right: New programs are needed to spice up local TV

March 17, 2012

It isn't often that I find myself agreeing with columnist Dan Rodricks, but his idea of more really local TV and less redundant reporting is one I've had myself ("Let's put more 'local' in local TV," March 11).

Why not add even more topics to his list? How about a 30-minute spotlight on local historical sites, of which our area has literally hundreds. Or a scenic cruise segment, for which, again, there are many candidates in our region?

You could ask for viewers' home video input. Or maybe a segment on taking tours in and around Baltimore. Or oral histories, such as "Growing up In Canton" or "Growing up in Pigtown" – again, all interesting avenues to explore.

Please, somebody sponsor Mr. Rodricks — I'll volunteer to help his efforts in any way.

Roland Moskal, Baltimore

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