Gas tax blues? Try living in Jersey

March 15, 2012

My family and I moved to Maryland in 1996 and witnessed some of the lowest tax (and car insurance) rates ever. However, we did find the gasoline tax much higher than we'd experienced, but the roads were exquisite (and I'm not kidding).

That's because we came from New Jersey. You have to have lived in the Garden State to understand why we are totally in favor of Gov.Martin O'Malley's proposed gas tax increase. Roads in New Jersey are still in the shape as we left them 16 years ago — horrid everywhere.

We paid some of the highest income, real estate, sewer, local and school taxes that you Marylanders have yet to see during the 25 years spent in that state.

We are thrilled to be Marylanders.

Judy Fowler, Arnold

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