Restore transportation money before talking taxes

March 15, 2012

Maybe instead of blustering about the need to increase the state's tax on a gallon of gas, The Sun's editorial board should support legislation to outlaw an increase in the tax until all of the money that was stolen from the Transportation Trust Fund since 1992 is returned ("Pay now or later," March 14).

It would also be helpful to know exactly how much has been taken from the fund since the last time the tax was increased, and who was the governor at the time that authorized it. The title of the editorial is somewhat ironic, as I feel that I have already "paid now," it's just that those funds weren't spent for the purpose they were collected.

If a private company had done this, we'd call it fraud, but here in Maryland when the government does it, we call it progress.

Paul N. Jackson, Cockeysville

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