Obama, Cardin surprise diners at Prince George's BBQ joint

March 15, 2012|By Matthew Hay Brown

CLINTON -- President Barack Obama andSen. Benjamin L. Cardin surprised lunchtime diners at a Prince George's County barbecue restaurant today.

The pair made the unscheduled appearance at Texas Ribs and BBQ in Clinton after Obama’s address this morning at Prince George’s Community College, according to a White House pool report.

Obama ordered two slabs of babyback ribs at the takeout counter, then left with Cardin to meet diners, shake hands and pose for pictures, according to the report by Washington Post writer David Nakamura.

The diners included a military member who said told Obama he had helped to fly him on military aircraft during the 2008 campaign. Obama thanked him, and some other diners from nearby Joint Base Andrews.

"Thanks for your service,” he said. “I'm standing between you and the last bite.”

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