Godlessness spreading from D.C. to Baltimore

(Reason Rally )
March 15, 2012|By Jill Rosen | The Baltimore Sun

Godlessness is inching up the Interstate.

First it appeared in Washington. Now it's totally in Baltimore.

Want proof? How about the five big billboards that have popped up in the city trumpeting: Celebrate Living Without God!

Here is where you'll see the billboards:

-- West side of I-95, a mile north of the Ft. McHenryTunnel, facing south
-- East side of Hanover St., just north of the Hanover St. Bridge, facing south
-- West side of I-83, 2500 ft. south of Cold Spring Lane, facing south
-- East side of I-95, 2500 ft. south of Russell St., facing north-- East side of Russell St., just south of Ostend St., facing north

They come from a group called the Baltimore Coalition of Reason and aim to promote a Washington event called Reason Rally.

Coalition president David Silverman is calling it "a glorious gathering of the godless."

(He may not believe in God, but he's clearly a believer in alliteration.)

Scheduled for all day March 24th on the National Mall, the event doesn't sound too heavy, considering its topic. On the roster are musicians, a magician  and comedian Paul Provenza. The goal, it seems, is to get non-religious fired up about politics and such the way the evangelicals seem to be.

Emil Volcheck, the coalition's Baltimore organizer, will be speak about rally tonight (March 15) at "Ignite Baltimore" meeting, which starts at 7 p.m. at MICA's Brown Center.

“We’re converging on Washington to take our seat at the table,” Volcheck said in a release. “And we encourage the millions of sympathetic Marylanders to join us.  The godless won’t be voiceless.” 

More information on the rally here.



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