'Game of Thrones' returns on Entertainment Weekly's cover

March 15, 2012|By Luke Broadwater

The nerd-epic (and I use that term with the deepest feeling of endearment) "Game of Thrones" is returning next month, and no one is more excited than our friends at Entertainment Weekly (and me!). The magazine has dedicated not one, but four covers to the lengthy, complex fantasy series. 

As I nerd myself, I couldn't be more excited. I shamefully admit to buying the "Game of Thornes" board game last month in a moment of weakness (don't judge). 

Anyway, you're excited. We're excited. Everybody's excited! April is only a two weeks away! Let's! Use! Lot's! Of! Exclamation! Points!  

Get ready. 

Here's the full press release from Entertainment Weekly below. 





Entertainment Weekly  Looks At The Thrilling Epic Series As It Returns 
With More Magic, More Swords and More Sex.

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