Don't ruin Mays Chapel Park for retirees

March 14, 2012

In response to letter writer Susan Brown, I would like to offer her an invitation to visit Mays Chapel Park so she can get an idea what is involved ("Mays Chapel school would be an asset to the area," March 11).

First, she will not see many school children in the area during the day, nor many school buses since it is an adult community around the park, and most people are retired.

Second, she will see a 20-acre park that is busy this week because there are lacrosse games going on for school children from all over the area. And third, she will notice that the park has thousands of trees which are inhabited by many birds, squirrels and other animals.

Since the park is too small for a 700-student school, building one not only would destroy all of the trees, it would also create a terrible traffic problem for school buses and parents dropping off or picking up children.

Nor would adults and their pets be allowed to be on school grounds most of the day, even though this is the only open space available.

As a veteran of the Korean War — like several other residents of this area — my wife and I sold our home seven years ago and retired in Mays Chapel so I could walk over to the park every morning and we could enjoy the quiet, peaceful area.

That's not going to happen if the park is destroyed. If there are other locations that could be used to avoid ruining this park, why not use them and save money?

Marty and Louise Miller, Mays Chapel

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