Mays Chapel: For many seniors there, walking is their only physical activity

March 14, 2012

I disagree with those who support building a school in Mays Chapel North, where a wonderful walking path and athletic fields are currently located. As a long-time resident of Mays Chapel and a senior citizen, I have enjoyed the benefit of having a tranquil and safe area to walk. Not only is the park convenient to the many senior citizens living in Mays Chapel, but it is used by others in the surrounding residential communities.

As a physical therapist with over five decades of experience, I have seen the detrimental effects of a lack of exercise. Most of the spinal and major weight-bearing joint problems I see in my patients are directly related to insufficient physical activity.

Walking is one of the most effective and efficient exercises for seniors. To deprive the residents of Mays Chapel of a venue that was one of the reasons many of us moved here would be a shame. I have met many people on the trail and elsewhere in the community who say they would not exercise at all if they did not use the path.

Many seniors do not like the atmosphere in fitness centers, and walking in the park areas is their only physical activity.

Herschel Budlow, Mays Chapel

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