Good morning, Baltimore: Need to know for Wednesday

March 14, 2012|The Baltimore Sun


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Baltimore County unions oppose Kamenetz pension bill: Public-employee unions are urging Baltimore County Council members to reject a proposal by County Executive Kevin Kamenetz that would cut pension benefits for some workers, saying it sends a bad message to labor leaders and undermines negotiations.

Baltimore recreation and parks director resigns: Baltimore's recreation and parks director is leaving for a job in Florida less than two years after he took the helm of the fiscally strapped city department, the mayor's office announced Tuesday.

Md. judges will see pay raise of 3% annually: Maryland judges' salaries will increase by roughly 3 percent annually, hiking their pay by more than $14,000 over three years. Currently, Maryland judges make an average of $151,852 annually, with the chief judge of the Court of Appeals earning the highest salary of $181,352.

Five-car accident near Bel Air Tuesday afternoon: There was a five-car accident shortly after 4 p.m. on Route 924, south of Plumtree Road. Photographs from the scene show the five vehicles were involved in an accordion, chain-reaction crash just south of the intersection.


State looks at all-electronic toll collection: Maryland may eventually do away with tollbooths on the state's highways, bridges and tunnels and switch to electronic toll collection. A preliminary report by the Maryland Transportation Authority concluded that converting its seven toll plazas is feasible but would cost as much as $180 million.

North Point dump declared a Superfund site: On Tuesday, the Environmental Protection Agency declared the Sauer Dump a Superfund site, making it a priority for a federally supervised cleanup. When it will finally get cleaned up, though, remains an open question.

Suspended officer's attorney warns against rush to judgment: Attorney Christie Needleman, who confirmed that she is representing Officer John A. Ward, said there are "two sides to every story" but declined to comment further as the investigation continues.

O'Malley to appeal for gas tax increase: The governor is scheduled to testify before House and Senate committees on behalf of his $613 million-a-year plan to apply the state's 6 percent sales tax to gas so Maryland can start spending hundreds of millions of dollars on backlogged road and transit projects.

[Compiled by Dean Jones Jr.]

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