Here's to the Eagles!

March 14, 2012|Editorial from The Record

There's more to sport than winning. There are life lessons. There's the camaraderie. There's the fun of it all. But there's also the thrill of victory, and it's a thrill known many times this season by the girls on the Aberdeen High School basketball team, most recently over the weekend when they won the Maryland Class 3A state high school championship game.

The Eagles had a spectacular season, defeating just about every opponent they faced. Their only defeat came at the hands of Riverdale Baptist, a team ranked sixth in the nation by USA Today.

Even in the team's one loss there was consolation to be found as forward TK Fowlkes told the Baltimore Sun: "It's a great learning experience."

Learn they did. After falling to Riverdale Baptist, the Eagles picked up their winning streak as though nothing had happened and rolled through the rest of the season, dominating the competition all the way.

Winning isn't everything, but no one who plays, plays to lose. Winning just feels better. And it will add a measure of sweetness to another aspect of high school athletics for the girls on the team this year: when they look back on their glory days, as we all do, they'll be able experience the extra measure of pride in being state champs. Yes, we all look back on our glory days, but few of us have glory days like these.

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