HIV article makes a crucial omission: condoms

March 13, 2012

I was amazed and appalled that nowhere in your article on the rise in HIV infection among African-American women do you mention the need to use condoms to prevent the spread of the disease ("Black women in city infected with HIV at higher rate than national average," March 8). The idea that women should ensure their partners have been tested is good, but between the time of the test and intercourse, the individual could have been exposed. The idea of being "particular" about the type of man you date is nice but not safe. (Professional men in suits also carry HIV.) If the man will not use a condom, a woman should show him the door. He cares more about himself then her concerns.

Fortunately, the gay community has learned and benefited from the use of condoms. It is about time that heterosexual couples learn to use them!

Rosemary Catalana, Towson

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