Women should 'remember' attack on religious freedom

March 13, 2012

Regarding Susan Reimer's column on contraceptives and politics ("Women will remember in November," March 12), I'm sad to say but yes, women will remember. Even more sad is that the women have reacted to a disguised cause.

Women's health is not the real issue here. Why did President Barack Obama choose to proclaim 100 percent coverage for just women's contraceptive? Why did he insist that the Catholic Church cover women's contraceptives in their affiliated institutions? Why not cover all women's medications at a rate of 100 percent?

Many insurance companies already cover contraceptives. Covering "the pill" is probably a money saver for those insurance companies.

Sandra Fluke was protesting the availability of coverage for contraceptives at a Catholic university. Affiliates of the Catholic Church should be protected by religious freedom.

So if women remember these incidents as anything else, they will be missing the point.

Marjorie L. Burkley, Bel Air

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