Ken Weinman will have 'fill-in and swing' role at 105.7 The Fan

Station executive characterizes Weinman tweets as misunderstanding

March 13, 2012|By David Zurawik | The Baltimore Sun

On Friday Ken Weinman, who had been co-hosting from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. daily at 105.7 The Fan, tweeted the following: "For all those who are wondering today was my last day at The Fan. Please continue to follow as I will still have opinions and you will hear me again soon."

Sooner than you think -- and on the very station that he said he had spent his last day at.

Dave Labrozzi, head of programming for 105.7 The Fan, said Tuesday morning that Weinman will continue at the station on a "part-time" basis in a "fill-in role."

"He is going to do part-time and swing," Labrozzi said.

When asked about the Friday night tweets quoted here in reporting the move, Labrozzi said, "I think he was thinking from a full-time perspective...."

That's not what " was my last day at The Fan," sounds like to me.

Nor is it what this Friday-night exchange says:

"Any truth to you being let go by 105.7," one tweet to Weinman asked.

"Sad but true," he tweeted back.

But in this economy, a part-time job is better than no job by a long shot. And if this is better for Weinman than being out of work, I am glad he and The Fan worked something out today.


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