Monday Meltdown: A 'Journey' to 'Silent Hill,' copycat games and the disc-less new Xbox

Plus 'Mass Effect 3' crybabies and a whole heap of digital junk-punching

  • 'Journey,' available Tuesday on the PS3, is sort of 'The Artist' of video games. No talking, and you're a troglodyte if you don't love it.
'Journey,' available Tuesday on the PS3, is sort… (thatgamecompany )
March 12, 2012|By Dave Gilmore

News Roundup

•••• Developers "borrowing" concepts from other mobile games (i.e. straight-up copying) is becoming all too common a practice. On an unrelated note, you should all hit the App Store and check out my new game, "Plants vs. Angry Zombie Birds." [New York Times]

•••• Gamers are petitioning "Mass Effect 3" developers BioWare to create a new, better ending for the smash hit game. People, the game just came out on Tuesday, and we lost an hour this weekend because of daylight savings. How did you possibly beat the game already?! [Kotaku]

•••• While all the top video game developers were getting drunk and sitting on panels at GDC 2012, someone created a computer that develops its own games automatically. Consider yourself outsourced, devs. The machines are now self-aware. If anyone needs me I’ll be in my bunker. [ArsTechnica]

•••• Cult classic film "The Boondock Saints" unveiled its video game at South By Southwest this weekend. By mentioning "The Boondock Saints," I am legally obligated to remind you that the film's director Troy Duffy is a tremendous blowhard and megalomaniac, as evidenced in the fantastic documentary "Overnight." Now that is a film that needs a video game adaptation. [TheVerge]

•••• The next Microsoft console, whether you’re calling it "Durango" or "Xbox 720," might not have a disc drive at all. Ah, so that’s how they’re going to bankrupt the used and rental games market! [TomsGuide]

On Shelves Tomorrow (March 13)

•••• Fans of survival horror will eagerly receive "Silent Hill: Downpour" tomorrow for the Xbox 360 and PS3. The PS3 version takes advantage of 3D technology, if you happen to have all the necessary equipment (you don’t). This is the eighth installment in the "Silent Hill" series, for those keeping score at home.

•••• "FIFA Street," a reboot of the eponymous series, hits stores tomorrow. The old, "NBA Jam"-style presentation and gameplay of the earlier series has been ditched for an attempt at a more realistic rendering of street soccer. Sharing resources from the wildly successful "FIFA 12," the big question for "FIFA Street" will be if it seems worth a separate $60 title or if it just feels like "FIFA" DLC.

•••• Exclusive to PS3 (distributed on the PlayStationNetwork), "Journey" seems more like a thought exercise than a game. You play as a nameless robed figure in a desert, and are given the task of making your way to a distant mountain. There are no guides or pop-up hints, just endless sand dunes. If you’re playing online, you can help other players, but you have no way to communicate with them. Already receiving tons of critical buzz, "Journey" goes live tomorrow.

Weekly Challenge

"Draw Something" is currently the social gaming app du jor. In the vein of "Pictionary" or "Win, Lose, or Draw," this little game matches you up with a friend or a stranger as you guess what each other are scribbling. It’s hot right now because everyone is on it, and once people get tired of it, it’ll be impossible to get your friends to play. So, take advantage of "Draw Something" while it’s all the rage, and play with me under the user name "gamecacheb." Please, no windmills.

Really Important Video

A lot of video game-related stuff on the Internet is designed to appeal to men. This video is absolutely not. Even with "America's Funniest Home Videos" no longer in the cultural mainstream, it seems people still have an insatiable appetite for genital blunt force trauma. If you need me, I'll be dry heaving under my desk. (Language slightly NSFW).

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