BGE: Keep jobs in Maryland

March 10, 2012

As I write out my check to Baltimore Gas & Electric this month, I am struck, once again, by the fact that these payments are processed out of state — in this case, Pennsylvania. Why is a Maryland utility that is a state-regulated monopoly allowed to move all the jobs (and the associated income for the state in property taxes, housing, income taxes, sales taxes, shopping, etc.) that come from payment processing out of the state of Maryland?

Their answer is, most probably, that it saves them money, but it doesn't save their customers money. Any reductions to our BGE bills are offset by the other expenses, especially state and city taxes, because of those lost jobs. I have no ability to change to a company which will keep this income in Maryland.

Another question is, if Baltimore doesn't want a new building in Harbor East, and desperately needs renewal downtown, why not simply withhold the building permits?

Elizabeth Wheeler, Baltimore

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