Let's save by teaching Mr. Alonso to drive

March 10, 2012

I can't understand, given the condition of city schools, the resources that are wasted on CEO Andrés Alonso ("Driving Mr. Alonso," March 6). Why does he have this elaborate package of compensation and benefits when there are some teachers who have to buy their own supplies for class and schools that are in need of repair?

Take care of our teachers and schools first! And why, since he has a car and driver, does he need an additional $750 per month travel allowance? I will gladly pitch in to buy Mr. Alonso a car and teach him to drive if they can give him gas money. His driver can then go back on duty with a school police force said to be short-handed. They can then supply him, if he really needs it, with "security."

Ed Hall, Carney

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