Marylanders have Constitutional right to carry a handgun

March 09, 2012

Kudos to Judge Benson E. Legg for overturning Maryland's draconian and unconstitutional gun-carry laws. Statistics are very clear — granting carry permits to law-abiding, well-trained citizens does not increase gun violence. In fact, when the good are armed, the bad are hesitant. When I lived in Pennsylvania, I had a weapons permit, carried the gun often and never once fired it anywhere except the shooting range. But I was prepared to protect myself and my family, if necessary.

Our neighbors in Pennsylvania and Virginia, both demographically very similar to suburban Maryland, rank lower in gun deaths per 100,000 than our lovely state. And, being granted a carry permit in both of those neighboring states is as easy as being qualified and submitting the paperwork. Being qualified has nothing to do with the police subjectively deciding who has "good and substantial" reason to carry. It's simply a Constitutional right.

Duke Ward, Ellicott City

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