Many city teachers could use a driver and a security detail — and overtime too

March 08, 2012

I certainly hope School Board President Neil Duke isn't implying that schools CEO Andrés Alonso is the only school department employee whose work "takes place both after hours and in troubled parts of the city," and thus requires security ("Overtime costing schools millions," March 2).

I am a teacher in the city, and several times a week I am asked by my female colleagues at our Southwest Baltimore school to walk them to their cars in an unpatrolled, poorly lit parking lot after having stayed in the building until well past sundown working.

The custodial staff is often there even later than we are. No teacher with whom I have worked has ever received a security detail or overtime, despite working under the exact conditions Mr. Duke described for the CEO.

Tommy Ventre

The writer is a 7th- and 8th-grade literacy teacher at Morrell Park Elementary/Middle School.

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