Will Md. tax another retiree out of state?

March 07, 2012

I've lived in this beautiful state of Maryland all of my 57 years. Yet, daily I read in The Baltimore Sun that Gov.Martin O'Malleyand his partners, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller and House SpeakerMichael E. Busch, wish to raise taxes and fees that effect all Marylanders. I've read about his proposed increase in sales tax, income tax, gas tax, motor vehicle registration fee, flush tax, and digital download tax (just to name a few). Also, new fees (marine gathering permit fee) and increasing existing fees (marriage certificate, commercial scale, recording an adoption, and death certificates) are part of his budget proposal. I understand that Maryland, along with the rest of the country, is in a dire economic situation, but continuing to tax Marylanders is making living in this state more and more difficult.

I have several retired friends that have moved to "tax friendlier" states because they could not afford to live in Maryland any longer. My own federal pension is being taxed over $4,000 per year in Maryland. Yet in several states, my pension would not be taxed, and why should it be?

All I hear from Annapolis is tax increase, new tax, increase fee, and new fee. This has got to stop! I'm afraid I too will be forced to move from Maryland away from friends and family to enjoy the remainder of my life.

Fortunately, Mr. O'Malley's term as governor will soon be over. Unfortunately, Messrs. Miller and Busch continue to be elected term after term. It's time for Marylanders to stop the bleeding of funds that they earned from their pockets. Hey Annapolis, here's a new approach: Stop spending.

Len Maiolatesi, Jarrettsville

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