Grasmick didn't need a driver

why does Alonso?

March 07, 2012

With the Baltimore City Schools continually operating in the red, I find it outrageous that CEO Andrés Alonso's chauffeur managed to make $154,000 last year, $78,000 of it in overtime! First of all, if our former state schools superintendent, Nancy Grasmick, didn't have a driver, why does Mr. Alonso require one? This chauffeur has the best deal going, but let's face it, his compensation package needs to be re-negotiated. The fact that the city schools allowed this to go on and City Hall claims to not know about it shows how rampant the corruption is in these two systems.

An expense of $78,000 may not seem like a huge amount to some, but to this reader it does, and $14 million in overtime shows how poorly run the city school system truly is.

Karen Benckini, Towson

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