Alonso's driver makes how much?

March 07, 2012

Since I actually work for a living, I did not get around to reading the March 2 article "Overtime costing schools millions" right away.

But how exactly is a chauffeur for Baltimore schools CEO Andrés Alonso is making ... oh hold on a second, I am still in shock ... over $154,000 to drive a car?

Oh, they can say all they want about his being available 24/7. So be it. But that does not wash with me, and I am sure with anyone else who has to work to earn a buck. I have done IT support 24/7 for all the VA hospitals, being blasted out of bed at 3 a.m. to get systems on line because someone may die. Even with overtime — oops, I didn't get any — the most I ever made was in the $70s.

Yet Baltimore teachers can't get pencils, paper and books and have nitwits breathing down their necks about "accountability." And the highest paid teacher is nowhere close to a chauffeur?

Talk about a screwed up world.

Guy Salomon, Gwynn Oak

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