Cal Ripken pens another book

March 06, 2012|By Dave Rosenthal

Cal Ripken, the former Baltimore Orioles star known best for setting the major league record for consecutive games, is spending some of his free time these days as an author.

In this Baltimore Sun video, Cal and co-author Kevin Cowherd talk about "Super-sized Slugger," about a pudgy kid who gets pushed around while trying to earn a spot on a baseball team. Cal says he wanted to address the issue of bullying, and give kids a way to deal with it.

Here's the description on Amazon: Cody Parker is the new kid in school. He’s overweight, scared and hates his new life in Dullsville, Maryland, aka Baltimore, where he’s a target–okay, a big target–for brutal teasing. But he loves baseball. And despite his size, he plays third base like a dream. Too bad he’s competing for the starting job on the Orioles of the Dulaney Babe Ruth League against budding hoodlum Dante Rizzo, who vows to squeeze Cody’s head like a grape if he beats him out. Life gets even more complicated when Cody’s school, York Middle, is beset by a rash of mysterious thefts, a crime wave that threatens to sideline Cody–and ruin a golden season for the Orioles. Will Cody ever succeed in getting people to see him for who he really is?

The new book was co-authored by Cowherd, a Baltimore Sun sports columnist. He also ghosted Cal's first book: "Hothead."

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