Five reforms that would restore confidence in government

March 05, 2012

Newspapers and TV should analyze the reforms needed to modernize the legislative and executive branches of the federal government. Here are five reforms they should look at:

A constitutional amendment requiring term limits for members of Congress; a constitutional amendment limiting presidents to a single six-year term; and a rule requiring members of Congress, presidents, vice presidents, cabinet secretaries, federal judges and top policymakers to release yearly state and federal tax returns.

In addition, presidential and congressional candidates should be required to publish a list of all their campaign contributors in local newspapers and on TV; and they should similarly be required to publish all the legislation they introduce.

These five reforms would force politicians to provide solid evidence that the legislative and executive branches represent the concerns of all Americans and not just the rich, corporations, national organizations and unions.

Roy Wetherington, Tifton, Ga.

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