Even conservative Christians should demand separation of church from state

March 05, 2012

Fellow citizens, if you are not a conservative Christian, your life may soon be subject to laws passed by those who believe that everyone should submit to their own particular beliefs. Even if you are a conservative Christian who wants laws to reflect what you may believe is the will of God, will the legislator you elect today pass only laws with which you agree?

If you cannot depend on our lawmakers to separate church and state and avoid making laws which reflect only some citizens' view of what is right and good, how will you feel when a law is passed that forces you to do or not do something you think is right and good?

I think contraception is right and good for those who do not what children for any reason. I think abortion is right and good for anyone who does not want a child. I believe that unwanted children are an unnecessary burden to themselves and society. I believe that it is a terrible wrong to force a woman to bear a child she does not want for any reason. I believe that if a woman is forced by her fellow citizens to bear a child she does not want, those citizens should have a fully-funded plan to raise that child.

Why are the beliefs of those in official "churches" sacrosanct and mine not? Is this a free country or not?

Marie Armstrong, Pasadena

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