Letter: CSX must be more forthcoming on proposed railway site

March 05, 2012

It is incredibly frustrating, not only to myself but to many residents of the Elkridge/Hanover area, that CSX claims to elicit public involvement in the site selection process (for a new railway facility) yet continues to refuse to release details on how they arrived at their cost estimates for each of the proposed sites. Cost estimates for the proposed sites are not the only concern surrounding this issue but, in my opinion, CSX is being brazenly deceptive at this early stage of the process and I have a deep concern that CSX will continue to operate as such, if not more so, as the process continues.

Why is CSX refusing to release information on how they arrived at their cost estimates?

I urge the governor's office to demand that CSX release this information toward the goal of making the site selection process open and transparent. This will almost certainly not be the last issue of contention regarding the site selection process.

Paul Dowell


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