'Sean Mosley is a man'

Terps notes: Turgeon says Stoglin is worn down

March 03, 2012|By Jeff Barker | The Baltimore Sun

After covering Sean Mosley for a season or two, I noticed a pattern had emerged. Mosley, who came to Maryland from Baltimore's Saint Frances, would have games that would go largely unnoticed by casual fans. He might barely score in double figures. Sometimes not.

But the opposing coaches would absolutely sing the player's praises.

Remember what Coach K said this season? "I just think Mosley's a guy that every coach in this league would love to have ... it seems like he's always been a veteran, even his freshman year," the Duke coach said.

Or Notre Dame coach Mike Brey? ""I love him. I told him after the game he's a man. He’s steady, he doesn't do things he can't do. He's a great example for my young guys. He’s there every day."

Or Georgia Tech coach Brian Gregory? "I thought Mosley was the toughest kid on the court."

Mosley will be honored before Sunday's Virginia game on Senior Day along with Berend Weijs and Jon Dillard.

There was such a media splash when Mosley committed to Maryland. Part of it was the significance of getting an important Baltimore recruit. Maryland has historically had an uneven record attracting Baltimore's high school stars.

Mosley is not as much of a scorer as some fans might like. But his all-around game is almost always a factor for the Terps.

Maryland coach Mark Turgeon said Saturday that Mosley “probably had a lot of unrealistic expectations put on him by a bunch of people that really don’t basketball.’

The first-year coach leaned heavily on Mosley this season.

“We just talked a lot. We’d just talk daily,” Turgeon said. “I would drill him every time, just things I thought he could help me understand better. ‘I want to recruit Baltimore, how would I do that?’ Sean is so much older than a lot of these guys.”

Turgeon said Mosley felt the effects this season of a lingering high ankle sprain. The coach said he could see Mosley limping slightly when he leaned on the inside of the foot as he cut around screens.

Said Turgeon of Mosley, who often guards the opponent's top scorer: "I never had to coach effort with Sean. Great kid. Man, I wish he was a junior."

"Sean Mosley is a man," the coach said. "How many times did you hear that? He gives us toughness."

And finally: Turgeon said today that guard Terrell Stoglin, whose shooting percentage has dipped of late, is tiring. He said Stoglin has worn down and isn't as quick with the ball as he was earlier in the season.

Turgeon said he is trying to rest Stoglin, the  ACC's leading scorer, as much as possible in practice.

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