Along with the Orioles, spring brings the return of coed football

March 03, 2012

Springtime in Baltimore brings two things dear to my heart: The beginning of the Orioles' season and the beginning of our coed spring football season.

We've been playing SOBO Football for about four seasons and it's been a blast. Sobo Sports is a Baltimore-based sports and social club offering coed sports, social events and activities to members.

After graduating from college, I was worried that the fun would end and that the "greatest time of my life" was over.

Fortunately, I learned that fun after college was possible, and that SOBO Sports was one way to continue the fun. Jay Rendin and his staff are easy-going but efficient and they work hard to make SOBO Sports a great experience for all who participate.

Everyone who plays on our team looks forward to our football seasons. I just wanted to write to compliment SOBO Sports and let people know that the organization is a great way to keep playing sports, meet people and have fun.

Caitlin Chalmers, Baltimore

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