Must Maryland churches bully gays?

March 03, 2012

Bullying is something we are trying to teach are children not to do, yet some African-American and Catholic churches in our state are prime examples of bullies. The vitriol from some clergymen against gay marriage is disgusting and hateful.

These "leaders" are encouraging bullying against gay people. It is dangerous to teach their congregations to hate and be intolerant. Put simply, it is bullying. That is what it will lead to in schools, in our children, in adults.

Gay marriage is now the law, and these churches are trying to take away that right of security between consenting adults who don't affect these churches.

Church leaders should instead teach acceptance and love, address poverty, single-parent families, care for elderly, and jobless. They should use their influence positively and help people instead of hurting gay people. Bullying is a serious problem and churches should not encourage it, but they are doing so in their fight to overturn marriage equality.

Rob Gutro, Bowie

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