How does the UVa. lacrosse coach still have a job?

February 24, 2012

The men's lacrosse coach at University of Virginia, Dom Starsia, will make $250,000 in annual compensation ("UVa. men's lax coach Starsia gets 5-year deal," Feb. 21), despite the evidence of alcohol abuse among many of his players revealed in the murder trial of one of his former players, George Huguely. I find it utterly disgraceful and incomprehensible that this man continues to have a job. As we all know when other universities' have faced such disgrace and embarrassment (Penn State, Syracuse, Duke) coaches, college presidents, athletic directors, etc., were dismissed; at UVa. you apparently get a new contract worth a lot of money.

Mr. Starsia as a coach is paid to develop elite athletes and win national titles, but his true responsibility is to the families and players he coaches. He should be held accountable for the culture that was created of alcohol abuse, rage, and ultimately the violence that lead to Yeardley Love's death.

Martha J. Lappe, Baltimore

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