Letter: Comment in Wegmans column insensitive to Prince George's County

February 23, 2012

I feel compelled to write a response to Pete Pichaske's Feb. 9 column entitled "Counting down the days until Wegmania finally arrives in Columbia."

I was drawn to the article because of my interest in learning about the opening of Wegmans in Columbia. However, when I came upon the seventh paragraph, I was amazed at what appeared to be an insensitive comment which stated, "Of course, that was Prince George's County, long considered the ugly stepsister of the Washington area, a county hungry for anything upscale and trendy. Howard County has no such inferiority complex."

I failed to make the connection, more accurately, the leap from the previous paragraph informing the reader about the1,500 people standing in line, on opening day, at the Landover Wegmans store to how or why that made them "inferior."

By the way, you should have seen the long line for the opening of Harris Teeter in Columbia — a big disappointment once inside.

While I agree Prince George's County has struggled over the years to attract substantial commercial and trendy businesses to the community — which, incidentally, can now be found in Bowie, Fed-ex field and Landover, to name a few — I found it highly offensive you would refer to the county as "inferior."

Do you really think Howard County with its overly "planned," Stepford Wives atmosphere and lack of social and cultural dynamic is superior? You do realize there is great affluence in Prince George's County, don't you?

Valencia Smith


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