Letter: Catonsville women's group multiplies power of individual

Letter to the editor

February 12, 2012

On Feb. 9, more than 40 women attended the first meeting of the Catonsville Women's Giving Circle for 2012. The interest, enthusiasm, and networking demonstrated was incredible! Women of all ages and backgrounds gathered to socialize, learn, and create a plan for the year.

The Catonsville Women's Giving Circle (CWGC) is a philanthropic organization, established in 2011, as a means for women to collectively provide financial resources to organizations that improve the greater Catonsville area — places where we work, play, shop, school and recreate.

The CWGC is a nondenominational, nonpartisan, dynamic assemblage of women, who raised $8,000 in its inaugural year!

Recipients of the funds in 2011 were the Children's Home, Lighthouse, Neighbor Space, Rails to Trails, the Samaritan Women and Turning Pages.

The women of the CWGC are by nature interested in philanthropy and in creating a larger such culture in our community.

Our goal is to enlarge the circle by having 100 members by year's end.

We welcome new members throughout the year and encourage them to participate in one of four committees, as time and scheduling permit — membership, grants, communications and education.

A big thank you to Dimitri's for providing space for our group to meet. We appreciate the generosity.

The CWGC is a fantastic way to network with bright, talented and philanthropic women, learn about the needs of our community, and provide financial resources to organizations that improve the everyday life of local residents.

For information, visit our website http://www.catonsvillewomengiving.org or contact one of us.

Joan Plisko and Almarie Wood, co-conveners

Catonsville Women's Giving Circle

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