Some kids just don't belong in school

suspending or expelling them is best for everyone

January 31, 2012

The state school board's plan to substantially reduce the number of school suspensions and expulsions is based on faulty logic ("State wants to curb suspensions," Jan. 26). The board says expulsions should be eliminated except in cases of firearm violations.

This absurd policy would force teachers, counselors and other students to endure out-of-control minors with little to no ability to rectify the situation. Suspension should be used to remove minors who refuse to follow the rules. What motivation is there to act appropriately if there is no punishment for not doing so?

The state board should consider the underlying reasons students are suspended. The reality is that some minors don't belong in school. They don't want to learn or play by the rules. Holding them there won't just hurt them but all the students around them because of the ongoing disruption they create. School officials should have the responsibility of removing potentially dangerous individuals that pose a threat to safety as well to the learning environment.

James Walls

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