Letter: Maryland must pass laws that keep criminals behind bars

Letters to the Editor

January 31, 2012

To our state legislators:

I know budgets and taxes and the economy are hot topics in Annapolis right know, but what I want to know is:

Why are convicted criminals prowling Maryland neighborhoods, preying on innocent taxpayers, voting citizens and their families?

I know, you say look at the statistics — crime is down.

Tell that to the young woman that was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by last week in Catonsville; or to the folks living next to Towson Town Center whose pre-Christmas preparations were interrupted by gunshots as a man was killed outside Nordstrom's.

I do not know for a fact, but I would suspect that the perpetrators of these and countless other crimes against our residents have prior convictions in our great state.

Why are they free to continue their criminal ways?

Why can't I, a lifelong Towson resident, allow my nearly adult daughter to walk up the street to care for a neighbor's dog without watching her from my front yard?

Why can't I let my younger daughter walk three houses down to visit her friend alone?

Why can't I let my wife walk along Goucher Boulevard for exercise alone?

Because you, and Maryland's judicial system, allow known criminals to be free while the rest of us live in fear. (And I haven't even mentioned the abomination of allowing countless convicted sex offenders to live among us.)

What good is government if it doesn't protect our most vulnerable citizens, women and children?

Pass laws that will keep predatory criminals in jail and allow us, law-abiding citizens, to enjoy the freedoms we sent you to Annapolis to protect — or I will soon exercise my freedom to move my family to a state that does.

Gary Bull


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