Lafayette looking to regain 'edge'

January 30, 2012|By Edward Lee | The Baltimore Sun

In 2010, Lafayette was the feel-good story in the Patriot League, finishing third in the conference with an 8-6 record and securing its first berth in the league tournament in the school’s history.

However, those vibes ended quickly the following season as the Leopards dropped 11 of 13 contests and finished in last place in the conference.

Coach Terry Mangan said not many players and coaches bring up the 2010 season as they are intent on turning the program around.

“We still have guys on that team, guys that got some playing time on some of those good teams, and we’ve got to remind guys that we just didn’t roll out of bed one morning and look around and say, ‘Hey, we’re pretty good. We can beat some good teams,’” he said last week. “There was a long process that went into that. Guys were challenging each other on the practice field, in the weight room. Guys that weren’t afraid to get after each other during practice and develop that chemistry, develop that confidence. Those are the things that bring about success. … To be frank, we lost that. We lost that edge in 2011. We didn’t quite have that confidence every day, and we didn’t go after each other as much as we could. That helped us, and I feel like that’s something that’s really important. So rather than focus on particular games right now or certainly being worried about wins or losses, we’re trying to develop that work ethic and the process.”

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