Md. collects $400K child support payment, largest ever

Largest collection in history, state says

January 30, 2012|By Peter Hermann, The Baltimore Sun

Maryland officials said on Friday that they had seized $400,000 in overdue child support payments from one parent, the largest such collection state history.

"I hope that this collection sends a clear message to non-custodial parents that Maryland is committed to collecting the support that is due to our children," said a statement from Ted Dallas, the secretary of the Department of Human Resources.

The agency is charged with collecting child-support payments and has investigators with the Child Support Enforcement Administration. Authorities did not disclose the name of the person who paid or where the child lives, citing privacy concerns.

But officials said the agency began working with the delinquent parent in December 2010 and in June of last year were able to freeze the person's private bank accounts. The statement from the Department of Human Resources said investigators determined that the person had failed "to meet their obligations despite having the ability to pay."

"Our tough, but fair approach is putting delinquent parents on notice," said Joe DiPrimio, the executive director of the Child Support Enforcement Administration. "Parents who have the ability to pay will pay, no matter where they live. Their children deserve nothing less."

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