Exelon a natural for downtown

January 30, 2012

As someone with a vested interest in the health and prosperity of downtown Baltimore and the west side of downtown in particular, I appreciate that Exelon Corp.is committed to maintaining Constellation Energy Group's employment presence in Baltimore, and perhaps even increasing it. I do hope Exelon will choose to keep its offices in the core business district of downtown where, as Kirby Fowler points out in his recent commentary ("Exelon's place downtown," Jan. 20), it will benefit the most from what the city has to offer and do the most good for the city as well.

If Exelon remains in the area surrounding the Inner Harbor near Light Street, its employees can take advantage of convenient public transportation services including the Light Rail and Metro, consistent with Exelon's goal of reducing its impact on the environment and conserving natural resources. Unfortunately, the Orioles have not been much of a draw lately, but hopefully the team will improve in the near future and a location within walking distance of Oriole Park at Camden Yards will be a benefit appreciated by Exelon's employees as well.

Robert Max, Stevenson

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