Given the current disappointing field of presidential contenders, Buddy Roemer might not be a bad choice

January 28, 2012

I urge my fellow citizens not to give in to despair over the choices being offered in this year's presidential elections. As an independent who is fiscally conservative, socially liberal and believes there is an appropriate role for government in our lives, I ask you to consider Buddy Roemer for president.

We need economic reform, regulatory reform, tax reform, health care reform and education reform. But unless we achieve campaign finance reform, there's not chance of getting sensible reforms in any of these areas. Until special interests can no longer buy votes to protect their interests there will just be more senseless arguments over things that don't really improve our situation between the representatives of the big donors.

For most of us, health care reform just meant an increase in premiums to enhance the profits of the big pharmaceutical and insurance donors. Financial reform didn't address the root cause of the economic meltdown, and Goldman Sachs is the biggest donor to both President Obama and Mitt Romney. They sure do know how to hedge heir bets!

Pizza is a vegetable because lobbyists made it so. And just recently the Internet battle between copyright owners (entertainment studios, etc.) and Google played out. We are in deep trouble and Congress is refereeing a fight between these two big campaign donor groups. This is just like last spring when they spent their time refereeing between the big banks and big retailers over debit card fees. Consumers were going to foot the bill anyway, it was just a matter of which of those big donors was going to get the money.

Buddy Roemer is the only candidate talking about campaign finance reform, and the media is desperately trying to stifle his message. He has promised to take no donations over $100.

Imagine how terrified Goldman Sachs, the pharmaceuticals, health insurers and the Chamber of Commerce are of this guy. Let's really scare them and elect him president.

Margaret Webster, Ruxton

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