Setting the right time for city elections

January 28, 2012

The record-setting low turnout at the Baltimore primary election last year coupled with the city's need for money prompted the League of Women Voters to dust off its old files on this long-standing issue of determining the best time for Baltimore's municipal elections. Legislative history and the interaction between state and city governments on this issue led the League several years ago to support moving to the gubernatorial cycle. Last October, the League began organizing a coalition to support the necessary legislation in the Maryland General Assembly's 2012 session.

The coalition known as the Baltimore Election Change Coalition (BECC) now has nine well-known non-profit organizations committed to obtaining the necessary public and legislative support to move Baltimore elections to the gubernatorial cycle. We thank The Sun for its recent editorial endorsing the gubernatorial cycle ("Playing games with Baltimore voting," Jan 25). Your support helps our efforts.

Lois Hybl and Millie Tyssowski, Baltimore

The writers are, respectively, president of the Baltimore City League of Women Voters and president of the Baltimore Election Change Coalition.

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